Thursday, May 31, 2012

a list that describes my sophomore year


brave new world - best book i've ever read. i think about it all the time

a visit from the goon squad - the part about the punks in 1970s new york was pretty cool

the catcher in the rye - i didn't read this this year but i kept finding myself relating many of the themes to my life

animal farm - i know we read this in school but it's still one of my favorite books ever. i love allegories


sonic youth / daydream nation - repeat repeat repeat repeat

the white stripes / de stilj - best white stripes album and the opener is sooooo good

zoo kid / zoo kid - this is the coolest album i've ever heard and it doesn't hurt that zoo kid is super attractive

deerhunter / halcyon digest - very very beautiful and many of the songs manage to give me chills

minks / by the hedge - this album puts me in a strange state of mind. i like it though and i think it's fantastic for a chilly, rainy day

the velvet underground and nico - this album had always intrigued me but i don't think i truly appreciated its brilliance until this year. heroin is probably the best song ever written

pavement / crooked rain, crooked rain - whenever i hear this album, it always makes me think of california skateboarders in the 1990s. i wasn't there so i can't really say, but i have to imagine that it was pretty cool

led zeppelin / I - one of the sexiest albums of all time. i mean just listen to that bass line in dazed and confused. hot DAMN.

girls / album - it's beginning to get overplayed but it still contains some of my favorite songs (lust for life, morning light, summertime, curls)

the beatles / white album - my favorite beatles album by FAR

the strokes / is this it - it had to go on here. the tightest album i know (although it might have overstayed its welcome this year). still, it just gives me that feeling...


easy rider - this is the movie that made me want to hop on a motorcycle and go wherever the road takes me

dazed and confused - i genuinely just love this movie. it makes me happy

wayne's world - PARTY TIME PARTY TIME

the virgin suicides - a beautiful but unsettling movie. sure, it's a stereotypical tumblr movie but still, it's fantastic

clerks - one of the funniest movies i've ever seen

gummo - the most haunting movie i've ever seen but also the most memorable

tv shows

freaks and geeks - i feel like i could have been really good friends with lindsey weir lol

skins generation one - best teen drama i've ever seen


  1. i like this... probably gonna steal this idea

  2. yeah you should do it! it takes a lot of time but idk i think it's worth it lol